Cod. PTO 22

Sliding shield for big dimension lathe is designed to be fixed on the machine head, making the whole structure of the guard stable.

The Safety Guard for big dimension Lathe protects the operator from direct frontal contact with rotating components of the chuck and from the projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant. The main feature of this safety guards is the sliding shield included in a solid and light aluminum structure, equipped with four anchorage points on the machine head, allowing to keep the shield in an overhanging position. In this case, the shield of this Safety Guards is double, in order to protect the front and the rear side of the machine. The sliding shield has a wide visual manufactured with a special material, suitable to be used for safety guards.
Available in different sizes, up to a Ø chuck of 800-1200 mm. It comes together with safety micro switch. The structure can be also customized for much bigger chunks.

Safety guard for big dimension lathe
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