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Leaders in the Manufacturing of Safety Protections for Machine Tools

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Safety is not a Target, It is a Way of Life”, This is the motto of Tecno Più, where workplace safety is the top priority. It’s not seen as a goal to achieve but as a “way of life,” emphasizing the awareness that working in quality and safety is the choice that everyone should make.


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Access Control

Essential for Ensuring Safety and Control During Operations, Limiting Access to Authorized Operators. Accident Prevention, Equipment Protection, and Maximizing Productivity.

Lathe Protection

To ensure operator safety and prevent accidents during lathe usage: protection against chips, impacts, and accidental contacts, maintaining a safe and productive work environment

Perimeter Protections

For operator safety by preventing unauthorized access or accidental contact with hazardous areas of machine tools: accident prevention, regulatory compliance, secure working environment.

LED Lamps

Bright and Efficient Lighting to Enhance Visibility During Manufacturing Operations. Benefits: Reduced Visual Fatigue, Increased Precision, and Safety.

Anti-Contagion Barriers

Transparent screens or panels that separate operators and reduce the spread of germs and contaminants. Benefits: Infection protection, workplace safety, regulatory compliance.

Safety Machine Guards

They protect operators from chips, impacts, or accidental contact with moving parts of machine tools. Benefits: Accident prevention, operator safety, reduced machine damage.

Leaders in the Manufacturing of Machine Tool Accessories

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