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The Company


Since 1994, when Tecno Più started, the vision of the company has always been to produce accident-prevention safety guards for tooling machines with the quality and the technological innovation of its design, thus creating the most heavy-duty and versatile products currently on the market.

The company’s watchword is “Safety is not a Target, It is a Way of Life”, in which safety at work is not a goal to reach but it is a “choice of life”. This means the company does not simply aim to provide safety equipment to safeguard workers but to understand that working in a quality and safe environment is the first rule of a good employee and the best choice for anyone.

This goal has been reached using systems designed by Tecno Più such as the rubber articulated arms to speed up the guard’s set-up, the use of selected materials with the aim to decrease the weight of the system, while keeping unchanged resistance to collisions, the ability to find solutions to possible operating problems in order to optimize work reducing downtime. These are all characteristics that made Tecno Più a world-leading company in the field of safety guards for tooling machines.

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We Have the Best Solutions for Your Machinery Safety

Access Control

Essential for Ensuring Safety and Control During Operations, Limiting Access to Authorized Operators. Accident Prevention, Equipment Protection, and Maximizing Productivity.

Lathe Protection

To ensure operator safety and prevent accidents during lathe usage: protection against chips, impacts, and accidental contacts, maintaining a safe and productive work environment

Perimeter Protections

For operator safety by preventing unauthorized access or accidental contact with hazardous areas of machine tools: accident prevention, regulatory compliance, secure working environment.

LED Lamps

Bright and Efficient Lighting to Enhance Visibility During Manufacturing Operations. Benefits: Reduced Visual Fatigue, Increased Precision, and Safety.

Anti-Contagion Barriers

Transparent screens or panels that separate operators and reduce the spread of germs and contaminants. Benefits: Infection protection, workplace safety, regulatory compliance.

Safety Machine Guards

They protect operators from chips, impacts, or accidental contact with moving parts of machine tools. Benefits: Accident prevention, operator safety, reduced machine damage.

There is No Safety Without Knowledge

"Safety is not a Target, It is a Way of Life"

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The quality pursued by the company involves the whole production process, from the commercial to the technical aspect, from the management system to the production and delivery; the high quality standard are achieved by internal checks up.

Thanks to its own productive, management and technical processes, the company has obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, which ensures the customer the possibility to face an efficient structured company, organized and capable to provide answers and efficient solutions in a short time.
Our organizational dynamism and flexibility, the professionalism and careful management allows us to take part in many sectors, observing due dates and quality of the products.

The Sales Network

The entire sales organization of Tecno Più consists of agents with proven technical expertise, who can provide support and consultancy in defining the type of execution and product selection, based on the customer’s needs.


Once the order is prepared, all protections are labeled with their serial number, where applicable, and sent to the customer in suitable packaging to safeguard their integrity and finish. Tecno Più collaborates with selected couriers and carriers, ensuring the traceability of the shipment at every stage.

The Team Tecno Più

All Tecno Più staff operates as a close-knit team, completely focused on the ultimate goal, which is customer satisfaction. From the warehouse worker to the designer, everyone follows the guidelines of ISO9001 regarding quality management, which is the true motto within the company.

Preliminary Service

The technical office, based on the information received from the sales office or directly from customer specifications, defines the characteristics of the protection, developing a graphical design using 3D modeling.

Tecno Più has invested significant resources in the implementation and use of suitable 3D software for the design and creation of protection systems, including complex and customized solutions as per customer requests


The Work Cycle

The Tecno Più production system, fully managed by sophisticated software, allows us to fulfill customer requests very quickly, even in non-standard configurations. All operations are controlled by procedures compliant with ISO9001 standards.

A Team of Consultants at Your Service

The Sales Offices

Our technical office is at the customer’s disposal for any requests or modifications that may be necessary, as well as to inform and keep them updated on current safety regulations.


Italian Sales Team


International Sales Team

Brand TP

Our strength is the product. Our plus is the after-sales service!