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Grinding Devices for Lathes

Automatic or Manual, Choose the Grinder for Your Lathe Tailored to Your Needs

Tools for Grinding and Finishing Bars for Conventional Lathes, with Manual or Automatic Movement (patented by Tecno Più) of the abrasive belt, designed in accordance with UNI EN ISO 23125 6.2.1 P regulation (prohibition of manual work for certain operations), providing a much safer alternative to the typically hazardous manual operation.

These devices are securely attached to the lathe’s tool turret.”


Also available is the new patented tool for grinding and finishing the inner and frontal surfaces of bars for conventional lathes, with automatic tool movement

Lathe Grinder

Our tools are designed for grinding and finishing and can be used on conventional lathes with manual or automatic movement. In particular, our patented device equipped with an abrasive belt is designed in accordance with UNI EN ISO 23125 6.2.1 P regulation, which prohibits the use of hands for certain operations. This device safely replaces the typically hazardous manual operation.

Our deburring tools conveniently attach to your lathe’s tool turret, offering convenience and ease of use.

These tools have multiple unique features. They allow you to achieve precise and high-quality results efficiently.

Safety is our top priority. By using our devices, you can perform grinding and finishing operations more safely than the traditional manual method.

If you would like more information or have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide you with all the answers you need and assist you in choosing the most suitable deburring tool for your needs and lathe.

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