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AXS 10 - Access control for machine tool and lift operators

Code AXS 10

The device can allow / prevent access by personnel to the company’s dangerous areas or machines, assuring and protecting compliance with the authorizations issued or not by the company to its employees and all this thanks to the simple use of personal badges available to each employee for the marking of entry and exit of any timekeeping system, which uses one of the two available frequencies: 125 KHz and 13,5 MHz. The programming is immediate, through a master badge that is programmed by Tecno Più and remains at the disposal of the manager of the company assigned to the authorizations.
It is a pure access control to the controls of the machine or of the forklift which allows its use only by authorized personnel. In case of accidental forgetfulness of deactivation of the system at the end of the use of the machine, the system is programmed to auto-disable after 75 seconds.

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