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PTO 21 - Safety guard for big dimension lathe

Code PTO 21

Sliding shield for big dimension lathe, designed to be fixed on the machine head, making the whole structure of the guard stable.

Protects the operator from direct frontal contact with rotating components of the chuck and from projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant. The main feature is the sliding shield included in a solid and light aluminium structure, equipped with four anchorage points on the machine head, allowing to keep the shield in a overhanging position.

The sliding shield has a wide visual manufactured with a special material, suitable to be used for safety guards.

Available in different sizes, up to a Ø chuck of 800-1200 mm. Complete with safety microswitch.

The structure can be also customized for much bigger chucks.


1. Supporting structure with steel guides
2. Sliding carriage with bearings
3. Double steel guide for carriage sliding
4. Interlocked microswitch
5. Removable aluminium frame
6. Steel-sheet protection panel
1. Polycarbonate transparent protection shield


PTO 21/080 550 1000 1000 518 282 800 300 390-590 930-1490 -
PTO 21/120 550 1500 1400 918 282 1200 300 390-590 930-1490 -
PTO 21/S - - - - 282 - 300 - - -
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