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PTO 13 - Safety guard for lathe chuck and carriage

Code PTO 13

Safety guard designed to protect the operator during working operations. Equipped with double opening:  vertical one with gas springs and sliding one on auto-carrying  guide.
Protects the operator from direct contact with rotating components of the chuck and from the projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant.
The guard can be mounted exclusively on aluminium profile rear support  which can be bought separately (code SPTO 13/…) or directly on the rear protection for lathe (code PTO 31). The shield cannot be opened in working position because the vertical opening of its two articulated parts is not allowed by a mechanical lock and protected by a safety microswitch with separated actuator. The opening is allowed by doing a double movement, sliding and vertical one, keeping completely clear the access to the chuck and the toolpost.

1. Front shield – in shockproof and oil resistant plastic material
2. Upper shield – in shockproof and oil resistant plastic material
3. Shield supporting arm
4. Stirrup for front shield rotation
5. Gas spring assembly
6. Safety microswitch with separate actuator – n. 2 NC contacts
1. Sliding carriage for shield support
8. Auto-carrying guide – in extruded aluminium, with sliding system composed from tempered and rectified steel guides-bearings, placed in protected internal position
9. Antirotation mechanical lock


PTO 13/065/080 650 450 620 870 1030 27
PTO 13/065/120 650 450 620 870 1230 29
PTO 13/085/080 850 450 620 870 1030 30
PTO 13/085/120 850 450 620 870 1230 32
PTO 13/065/S 650 450 620 870 - -
PTO 13/085/S 850 450 620 870 - -
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