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SBH A10 SBH A20 SBH A40 - Automatic Sanding Belt Holder for Lathes

Code SBH A10 SBH A20 SBH A40


A new tool for sanding and refining bars for conventional lathes, with automatic movement of the abrasive belt, designed in accordance with ISO 23125 6.2.1. p (prohibition to use hands for work execution), which replaces, with maximum safety, the same dangerous operation usually performed by hands.

The device is fixed to the existing toolcase turret of lathe and, it’s particular shape, with three different opening position of the anterior arms of support, allows to sand bars of different diameters.

Thanks to the tension springs the belt always adheres in the best way.

The perfect efficiency of the abrasive part of the sanding belt is guaranteed by an automatic sliding system (Patented) which exploits the rotating movement of the piece worked.

The following device is available in three different sizes with spare abrasive belts of different grit.

SBH-A10 1 Ø 120 130 295 25X762
SBH-A10 2 Ø 160 170 280 25X762
SBH-A10 3 Ø 210 220 260 25X762
SBH-A20 1 Ø 200 210 340 50X915
SBH-A20 2 Ø 220 230 320 50X915
SBH-A20 3 Ø 260 270 275 50X915
SBH-A40 1 Ø 310 330 475 100X1372
SBH-A40 2 Ø 350 360 440 100X1372
SBH-A40 3 Ø 380 395 415 100X1372
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