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PMG 60 - Balance Kit

Code PMG 60

Complete kit for the increase in manoeuvrability of all articulated arms safety guards. Ideal for frequent changes in operation.

Allows an increase in manoeuvrability of all safety guards originally equipped with articulated arms support system. Complete with all the necessary accessories and bolts, including the support clamp (point 1).

The kit is equipped with a gas spring (point 2) charged with a force of 60 Kg. (average value to understand a good part of the cases of use), axially adjustable along the articulated arm, thanks to the particular clamp (point 3), this determines the operation range of the spring, corresponding to an angle of about 40°. The effect of the spring auto-suspension implies a reduced clamping of the first joint, (obviously the most subject to the effects of gravity) with consequent reduced physical force for the adjustment and smaller mechanical stress of the component.

-Note: the use of the PMG 60/185 Kit, thanks to its auto-suspension effect, contributes to a better functionality of the additional arm kits: PBA 01/325PBA 01/325.


1. Gas spring support clamp, to replace the original – in welded steel
2. Gas spring loaded to 60 Kg.
3. Connection clamp with articulated arm – in pressed steel



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