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PAT 02 - Roll up safety guard for lathe advancing bars

Code PAT 02

Roll-up safety guard for lathe advancing bars. Made from two units of self-roll up rolls, with tear and oil-resistant thread. Designed for protecting the operator from the machine advancing bars.

Item created for the frontal “segregation” of the lathe mother screw and the advancing bars. Protects the operator from direct contact with moving parts and avoids the possibility of “snagging” of work gar-ments. Made from two units to fix to the two extremities of the longitudinal carriage, equipped with a particular self-sliding roll, operated from the inside by multiple springs. The protective ribbon is made of spread textile material and is resistant to coolants and abrasions. Each unit is purposely designed for its side of the carriage and is equipped with appropriate anchorage stirrups. During movement of the longitudinal carriage, the two units self- roll and un-+ roll, constantly “segregating” the lathe mother screw and the advancing bars.

-Note: the extremity, equipped with the sliding roll, must be fixed onto the base side.


1. Base-side angular anchorage stirrups – in pressed steel
2. Carriage-side angular anchorage stirrups – in aluminium
3. Protective box of self-sliding roll
4. Protective ribbon – in TEMAT 202 technical thread


PAT 02/120 1200 150 55 58 185 1,9
PAT 02/150 1500 200 60 65 235 2,5
PAT 02/200 2000 200 70 70 235 3,5
PAT 02/300 3000 250 90 90 285 5,6
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