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PCT 01 - Various devices for metal Miter Saw

Code PCT 01

Command device and mobile safety guards, for machines lacking typical safety systems of the metal miter Saw.

Universal items to apply to metal miter Saws, lacking typical safety systems of such machines.

The items: PCT 01/250PCT 01/300 are made of pressure-fused aluminium, they represent the mobile part of the complete safety guard, that must be integrated with the fixed part, normally already present on the machine or to be done opportunely.

The mobile safety guard rotates automatically during the descent of the disc, thanks to the reaction arm fixed between the guard, (point 4) and the machine’s fixed structure.

-Note: for a sure compatibility check with the ma-chine, it is adviced to examine all the dimensions indicated, particularly the dimensions of the rotation collar (point 3).

PCT 01/250 = safety guard with 0 maximum of  a 250 mm disc.

PCT 01/300 = safety guard with 0 maximum of a 300 mm disc.

PLA 01/400 = universal command lever for Miter saws, equipped with ergonomic handle, with guard ring and pushbutton with contact: (2 Pin) NO.


1. Ergonomic handle with guard ring
2. Pushbutton with contact (2 Pin) NO
Contact rate: 16(4) A 250VAC 1€4 – 12(4) A 250VAC 5E4
4. Safety shield rotation collar
5. Reaction arm fulcrum point (not provided)



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