Cod. QGE 10

Kit for generic machines made in die-cast aluminum case, equipped with protection against short circuits and power overloads. Complete with magnetothermic motor protection general safety switch, prepared for padlock, contactor, 400/24 VAC transformer, n. 2 fuses to protect the auxiliary circuits, emergency mushroom-shaped pushbutton and start-stop pushbutton, with voltage warning light. Panel for machines with Max absorption = 7,5KW.


– On request: QGE 10.02 for machines with Max absorption = 12,5KW.


BOX DIMENSION (W x H x D): 250x220x100mm



Bracket:  SQE 01


IMPORTANT: When placing an order, notify the maximum absorption of the machine, in Ampere (or KW) and the voltage.

QGE 10 (IP 65)
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