Cod. QGE 25

Kit for generic machines, with metal case equipped with door (whose opening is only allowed when the general switch is “Off”) and protection against short circuits and current overloads. Complete with general magnetothermic safety switch arranged for padlock, n. 3 contactors, 400/24 VAC transformer, electronic motor brake device with DC injection (Exclusive Tecno Più), n. 4 fuses, emergency mushroom-shaped pushbutton and start-stop button with motor start warning light, voltage warning light and 2-channel safety module with reset button and warning-light for brake failure.


Panel for machines with Max absorption = 7,5KW at a voltage of 400V.


BOX DIMENSION (W x H x D): 300x300x150mm




Minimum voltage coil on general switch


IMPORTANT: When placing an order, notify the maximum absorption of the machine, in Ampere (or KW) at a voltage of 400V.

QGE 25 (IP 66)
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