Cod. PFR 70

Equipped with two doors (each with two hinged sections), to cover completely the front and the side parts of the working surface, with total opening

Protects the operator from direct contact with rotating
parts of the spindle and from the projection of shavin-gs and lubricant
coolant. Attachable on the perimeter of the machine table.
Equipped with two doors with two sections hinged together to let the
frontal side of the working table of the machine free, when it is open.
The shape of the guard allows tp use the vise, without having to make
openings in the frontal side of the doors. A steel plate, compels to enter
with the hands, from the lower side of the guard.
Complete with n. 2 safety microswitches.

Complementary items: PFR 70/545/R – PFR/70/650/R – Rear adjustable
protective panel, to cover the rear side behind the spindle.

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