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PBF 10 - Safeguard for hydraulic Presses and various machines

Code PBF 10

Universal rubbing articulated arms guard, with reversible opening direction. Practical and immediately adjustable. Designed for frequent changes of operation.

Protects the operator from direct contact with dangerous parts frontally segregated by the shield.

Frontally attachable to the machine. Equipped with wide “visibility” reversible opening shield: vertical or horizontal and left or right, with position-release knob. Equipped with safety microswitch.

-Note:specify the mounting side by adding the suffix: /DX = Right – /SX = Left
-Available accessories: PBA 01/190PBA 01/325PBA 02/325


1. Angular anchorage stirrup – in pressed steel
2. Articulated arms – in tubular steel
3. Rubbing articulation with friction disc
4. Angular junction for vertical turnover of the shield
5. Main box with 180° rotation and safety microswitch with n. 2 NC contacts
6. Shield-opening release knob
7. Shield structure – in aluminium profile
8. Shield – in plastic shockproof and oil-resistant material


PBF 10/350/... 350 300 5,5
PBF 10/435/... 400 350 5,8
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