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PBM 30 - Safety guards with magnetic Base

Code PBM 30

Universal magnetically-fixed safety guard – The only one to be also positioned vertically, thanks to the powerful Neodymium magnet. Complete with release lever.

Magnetic fastening item for universal use, suitable to be used on metal work surfaces and machinery bases.

Its numerous articulations allow a shield positioning in any direction: vertically – horizontally “flag type” with its upper end in contact with the base.

Its features make it suitable for general use: to grind to assembly small components from possible accidental “projection” extempored situations where rapidity of intervention is required and where a safety guard with electric interlock is not specifically requested.

The powerful fastening Neodymium magnet can be used in any situation, even in vertical position or hanging from above.


1. Support base with Neodymium magnet 0 60 mm – force of attraction 110 Kg
2. Detachment eccentric cam of magnetic base
3. Support arm with double articulation, for complete shield adjustment
4. Shield – in plastic shockproof oil-resistant material, with aluminium structure
5. Knobs for articulations lock


PBM 30/440 400 400 2,2
PBM 30/450 400 500 2,3
PBM 30/540 500 400 2,6
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