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PBS 01-02 - Safety bar for various Machines

Code PBS 01-02

Solid and versatile device, to be used as Stop – Start – Emergency system. Operated with arms or feet. Also customized on request.

Multi-function item, particularly strong and with various adjustments, suitable for use on different types of machines.

Based on the purpose for which it is installed, it allows to operate the “Stop – Start” system, for the simple stopping and-or starting routine, or the “emergency” system for unexpected dangerous situation.

Available with single microswitch, code PBS 01/… (assembled on the Left box and, if necessary, shifted on the Right) or with double microswitch, code PBS 02/… .

Item designed to be mounted near the ground for being operated with feet (typical emergency function), or in raised position.

Equipped with adjustment of microswitch action.


1. Adjustable angular anchorage stirrups – in pressed steel
2. Main boxes, equipped with one safety microswitch – n. 2 NC contacts
3. Spiral springs for the bar recall in resting position
4. Connection bar – in tubular stainless steel
5. Clamps for adjustment of manoeuvre bar
6. Manoeuvre bar – in tubular aluminium



PBS 01/080 800 250 5,3
PBS 01/120 1200 250 6,0
PBS 01/S - - -
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