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PTR 20 - Safety guard for radial Drills

Code PTR 20

Item equipped with vertical adjustment of the shield with telescopic arm system.

Suitable to be used on large-dimension Drills and Radial Drills.

Protects the operator from direct frontal contact with rotating spindle parts and from the projection of shavings and lubricant-coolant.

Attachable on the left side of the machine.

Supplied with semi-octagonal shield equipped with double system of vertical adjustment:

1) telescopic shield-arm group, adjustable by the internal hub-Shield.

2) adjustable on the same arm.

Complete with safety microswitch.


1. Anchorage stirrup – in pressed steel
2. Safety microswitch main box – 180° rotation – n. 2 NC contacts
3. Telescopic shield support arm – in tubular steel
4. Arm-shield release knob from the internal hub
5. Clamp with shield release screw from the telescopic arm
6. Semi-octagonal shield – in thick Polycarbonate



PTR 20/300 300 200 150 3,9
PTR 20/350 350 240 175 4,2
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