Cod. SWH A01

A new tool for sanding and refining the internal and frontal surfaces of bars for conventional lathes, with automatic movement of the abrasive tool, designed in accordance with ISO 23125: 2015 6.2.1p (prohibition to use hands for machining operations) which replaces, with maximum safety, the same dangerous operation usually performed manually. The device is fixed to the lathe toolcase turret and, thanks to the tension spring, the tool always adheres to the surface in an optimal way. The perfect efficiency of the device is guaranteed by an automatic sliding system (patented), which exploits the rotating movement of the workpiece. The device is provided with a tool holder nipper for 6 mm diameter. Supplied with: no. 2 abrasive flaps for internal grinding and no. 1 pads for front grinding.

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Automatic Sanding Wheel Holder
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